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About Chi Tau Chapter

The establishment of Chi Tau Chapter began in 1960 when Mr. Cecil Boston, the principal of Jones High School, invited Judge Lawson E. Thomas to be their commencement speaker for that year's graduating class. Mr. Boston invited a group of Omega Men to a reception for Bro. Thomas, and from this meeting brothers C.J. Manigault, William V. Nixon, Robert L. Howard, Willie B. Pete, Paul K. Tisdale, Ernest Niblack, Johnny L. Toney, Robert W. Hunt, Willie G. Holt, and G.H. Jones met at Murchison Terrace Housing Office for several months to organize and obtain a charter. 


In March of 1961 at Shiloh Baptist Church, through the perseverance of these Omega Men, Chi Tau Chapter was founded. The chapter received its charter on January 8, 1962. Today there are over 130 active members in the chapter that have made and demonstrated a commitment to serve the communities within Orlando.




Edward Thomas


1964 (2-13-1964)

Joseph Burns

Harold B. Galloway

William Harris

Bernard S. Jackson

Franklin Johnson


1965 (11-20-1965)

Prince E. Kelley

1966 (5-21-1966)

Edward L. Holt


1967 (12-9-1967)

Freddie Alderman

James Browdy

Ernest Fennell

Morgan Wilson


 1969 (1-11-1969)

Clarence Gripper

Jesse L. Ivory

Neville S. Shorter

William Upson

Curtis J. Waller


1975 (5-16-1975)

James White

Quave N. Smith

James Ludd


1976 (6-11-1976)

Freddie Williams

Kenneth Armstrong

James Brewington

Bruce J. Cannon

Jerome D. Fennell

Lawrence D. Johnson

Keith E. Greenwade

1977 (4-12-1977)

Kelvin Buggs

Gregory Siplin

Roosevelt Hilton

Teddy Lampkins

Arnold Link


1978 (7-22-1978)

James Parker

Alexander Smith

Willie Williams


1979 (1-11-1979)

Ruben Patrick


1980 (7-19-1980)

Ronald Moore

Gary Haley

Alphonso Smith

Leonard Hobbs

Reginald Bell

Donald McGhee

Archie Jackson

Edward Williams


1982 (5-29-1982)

Edward B. Coffie

John L. Demps

Jolly G. Everett

Clifford Hill

Thomas Henry

Austin Monroe

Odis L. Wicks

Jerry Demings


1984 (12-8-1984)

Edward Arnold

Rufus Brooks

Dotson Ellis

Edward Greene

Samuel Ings

Charles Ings

Cannon Haynie

Eddie Harris

Richard Albert Sr.

1988 (7-9-1988 - “7 Wonders”)

Samuel Oliver Jr

Don Fields

Michael Bynum

Herbert Washington

Coolidge Hargett

Byron Brooks 

Alton Reddick


 1989 (5-12-1989)

William Powell


 1992 (5-9-1992)

Gary Patterson

Jeff Robinson III

Gregory Thompson

Harold Watson

Heron Elliott

Arthur Jamison Jr.

Rodney Harley

Dave Jones

Eric Green

Derrick Miles


1994 (4-16-1994 - 7 Lords of Fortitude)

Jemal Taylor

Eric Thompson

Ray Jackson

George Morning

Michael Brooks

Michael Johnson

Darryl Ivory


1995 (12-7-1995)

Shaquille O’Neal (Honorary via IHQ assigned to XT)


2000 (1-22-2000)

Lesley Baker, Jr.

Terry Demings

2001 (8-17-2001) & (12-15-2001)

Wanzo Galloway, Jr.

Albert McKinnon

Johnathan Owens

Willis Weaver, Jr.

Brain Coleman

Donnell Jack

Safwat Shaheed

Torrance Slaughter

Jesse Day

Davis Hicks, III

Frank Liggon

Christopher Rouse

Charles Thompson, II


 2002 (8-10-2002 “Immerse 18”)

 Larry Johnson

Roderick Zeigler

Williams Riley

Danny Vereen, Sr.

Derrick Harris, Sr.

Christopher Russ

Gregory Richardson

Corey Jackson

John Siller

Marcus Patrick

Andre Howard

Darryl Sheppard

Tony Greene

Mark Newsome

Darryl Akins

Kevin Knowles

Khutsane Pugh, Sr.

Marion Poteat


 2003 (6-13-2003 “Triumphant 11”)

Laron Graham

Keith Hunt

Derrick Dudley

Sam Danner

Dwayne Horne

Mike Adams

Lester Axson

Albert Slack

Philip Riley

Rodney Leath

Kevin Davis


2005 (3-19-2005 “6 Solders of Fortitude”)

Chuck Copeland

Chris McShan

Nate Thornton

Alvin Moore

Richard Moore

Keith Daly


2007 (10-30-07 “Mystical 11”)

Thomas Brokaw

Scott Parker

Earnest DeLoach

Raven Dupree

Sylvester Smith

Cory Russ

Roderick Taylor

Kevin Pruitt

Donald Woods

Chadwick Griffin

Peter Remy


Spring 2009 (3-28-09 “6 Souls of Purple and Gold”)

Marcus Cowans

Larry Herndon

Raheem Royster

Louis Carter

Josh Stephens

Jeff Severe


 Fall 2009 (10-30-09 “The 5 Fortunate”)

Gareth Griffin

Michael Arrington

Latiff Taylor

Gary Lubin

Brandon Little


Fall 2010 (12-11-2010 “4 Guardians of Omega”)

Vernon Dickerson

Derrick Jackson

Carl Gilmore Jr.

Dominic Baker


Spring 2015 (2-27-2015 “Five Rejuvenated Sons of Resiliency”)

Jared Brooks

Justin Monroe

Willie Robinson

Andre Young

Carl Bulford Jr.


Summer 2016 (6-26-2016 “2 Protectors of Omega”)

Neil Johnson

Michael Coe 


Spring 2018 (“9 Sons of W.A.R”)

Wendell Smith

Brian Hunter

Norman James

Keveson Charles

Alvin Fonkoua

Damien Priester

Aaron Smith

Maurice Cowan

Curtis Manning

Spring 2023 (4-16-2023 "14 Quintessential Souls of Omega")

David Bolden

Marcus Green

Gerald Childs

Carlos Leach

Laroy Harris

Daniel Kirby

Jean Luc Morissaint

Atheseus Lockhart

Elijah Walters

Carl Walker

Malcolm Pruitt

Willie Anderson

Travis Aikens

Dante Lewis

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